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May 4, 2013
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Sweden x Reader (M' Wife)

You walked out of the World Meeting, feeling furious at Denmark for making fun of Sweden in the middle of it.

'If only I could give him a what-for,' You thought to yourself, clenching your fists angrily. Finland raced out of the room, calling your name.

You turned and sighed, your brother was normally looking out for you, so you halfway expected him to come check on you after you'd stormed out of the room like that.

"______, what's the matter? Why'd you run out like that?" He asked, and you sighed a little and laughed softly. He could be a bit of an air head at times, but you loved him for it.

"I'm mad at Denmark for making fun of Sweden and left before I said something I'd regret." You explained, pushing some of the hair out of your face as a strong breeze blew. Finland nodded and you made an attempt to smile, but it came out as more of a grimace.

"Oh, I underst-" He started, but you shook my head, cutting him off.

"J-just not right now, Finland... I just want to... to be alone for a little while." You said sadly, and Finland sighed before nodding.

"Alright, just be careful, _____." He said, and you nodded, giving him a hug before walking away to clear your head.

You were walking down to your favorite place, a lake that no one knew about except for yourself, when you heard a voice behind you, and turned to see none other than Denmark himself.

Groaning, you tried to act like you hadn't seen him and continued to walk, but the loud mouthed nation caught up to you and slung an arm around your shoulders.

"How come you left so quick, _____?" He asked, tightening his arm around you and you tried to restrain yourself from slapping him.

"Because I needed some fresh air," You said testily, shrugging off his arm and turning to face him, crossing your arms over your chest and glaring at the former Viking. However, he just gave you a cocky grin and backed you up against a tree.

"Oh, I think I could help with that, _____," He purred, leaning in closer. You tried to push him away, but he grabbed hold of your wrists and forced his lips on yours. You tried to struggle out of his grip, but he tightened his grip on your wrists, making pain shoot up your arms. You quit struggling and just prayed that he would stop.

"Wh't 're y'u d'ing?!" A very familiar deep voice demanded, making your eyes shoot open. They connected with the deep blue eyes of Sweden, who strode over to Denmark and yanked him off of you, glaring at him in fury. You slid to the ground, putting your face in your hands.

"Let me go, Swede!" Denmark shouted, and you looked up to see them glaring at each other. Sweden shoved him away, and Denmark stumbled, cursing at Sweden. Sweden ignored him and walked over to you, offering his hand. You accepted it gratefully and he pulled you to your feet.

"Y'u ok'y?" He asked, looking concerned, and you took a shaky breath before nodding slightly. Sweden nodded back before turning to Denmark, who looked ready to strangle Sweden.

"What's the big idea, Swede? Trying to take my girl?" He spat, and you flinched.
Sweden walked right up to him and growled something at Denmark that you couldn't catch, and Denmark tackled him to the ground and they started fighting.

"G-guys, stop it!" You shouted, running over to them and pulling Sweden off of Denmark and holding him back.

"L't me go, _____! Th's g'y needs a l'sson taught to h'm!" Sweden shouted, but you wrapped your arms around him and pressed your face against his back and shook your head.

"P-please don't fight," You whispered, thinking back to the time that Denmark and Sweden had fought each other so that Sweden could become independent. Sweden relaxed before taking hold of your arms and turning to face you. You looked up at him to see confusion in his eyes and you felt tears gather in yours.

He wrapped his arms around you in a hug and you put your head on his shoulder and he tried to get you to calm down. Your mind flashed through all of the things you'd been feeling for him, the way your stomach would get butterflies when you were in the same room, how you always felt so awkward around him.

You looked up at him, and on impulse you grabbed his shirt collar, pulled him down to you and brought your lips to his in a chaste kiss. You pulled away after only a moment, completely unaware of anything except for Sweden's shocked face. However, before you could get out of his grip, thinking his silence meant rejection, he pulled your face up to his to give you an equally gentle kiss. Your eyes fluttered closed, and he pulled away, smiling very slightly.

You heard Denmark splutter behind you both and Sweden looked over his shoulder with a glare.

"M' wife, so you can't have her!" He said, and you blushed at his choice of words. Denmark just stared at us before turning on his heel and walking off. Sweden looked back at you, his eyes softening, and you walked back to the World Meeting place together, hand in hand.
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cutekiller0116 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  New member
Omg I luv this
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Lol it's do hard XD

great story friend :3
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Oh my lurd so cuuuuuuuteeee ~<3
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Heheheh I liked it, cute.
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that esclated quickly, ha ha
i loved it
RoKurosawa Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Student Writer
That last line, I could just see him suddenly turning around to glare at Denmark, curling his hand on top of my head and saying that!
Awesome story by the way I loved it~!!!
Bluefur101 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
Aww that's really sweet! And thank you ^w^
CRANB3RRYJU1CE Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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RandomPerson246810 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
"You shook my head"
Now all I can imagine is the writer grabbing my head and shaking it.
Other then that, I love it! :D
TheKitKatArtist Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Screw Team Edward and Jacob!! I am on Team Sweden....... as well as Team Germany ...and Team Canada... 
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