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Brother!Finland x Sister!Reader (Comfort) Part 3
       “Sweden! Denmark! Stop with your fighting right now!” A very angry Norway snapped at the two countries as they bickered at the dinner table. Denmark simply glared at Norway, while Sweden sighed and rose from the table, taking his plate with him.
“I’m eating elsewhere.” He explained and Norway sighed heavily before nodding. You stared down at your plate, refusing to acknowledge the oldest two as you ate your food.
“Goodness, this is an extremely bad way for either of you two to be acting. The children are scared of you both and you’ve already destroyed our table.” Norway chided Denmark, who simply scoffed.
“We’re Vikings, what do you expect? We fight, we get over it for a while, then one does something that the other doesn’t like and it starts over again. It’s a cycle, and just because there are children doesn’t mean I’m going to change, especially since soon enough, Finland an
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10th Doctor x Reader
You stared up at the stars, wishing for adventure outside of your boring, dull office life. You wanted to know what had happened to your best friend, Donna Noble, who had mysteriously disappeared the day of her wedding. You heard someone walk up behind you but kept your eyes to the stars, knowing that it was Wilf, Donna's grandfather. Ever since the wedding, he'd been acting different, as if he'd seen something that had changed his life.
"How are you doing, (name)?" The old man asked kindly, sitting next to you, making you smile.
"Oh, just sitting here watching the stars, wishing... wishing that I was someone important, but I'm just a girl who works at the library." You said wistfully, staring at the sky in wonder. Wilf put his hand on your shoulder in a grandfatherly way, making you look up at him curiously. He had years of love and concern in his eyes.
"(Name), I once knew a man who traveled far and wide, the greatest man I ever knew and go you want to know what he told my granddaugh
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Sweden x Reader Request
You were in the bathroom in the Nordic household, waiting for something that you never thought would happen to you before you got married. Sliding down to the floor, you put your face in your hands as the memories of a few nights ago came flooding back.
You walked into the kitchen, hearing arguing and you knew exactly what it was about. "Big brother," A familiar, emotionless voice said, making you sigh quite loudly as you opened the refrigerator door and got out the milk.
"I'm not saying it! Why must you always torment me with such stupid things?!" Iceland demanded, glaring at Norway furiously. You headed to the pantry, getting out the licorice. Perhaps you could make them both shut up, because you were sick of all the fighting that went on every single day it was way too early for them to be arguing in your opinion as you looked at the clock on the oven that read 1:30.
"________, don't you think he should call me big brother?" Norway asked, and you turned around and put your
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Brother!Finland x Sister!Reader! (Comfort) Pt 2
You stared out of the window, lost in thought and not paying attention to anything around you. Suddenly, you felt someone tap your shoulder and you turned to see Denmark grinning at you, his light blue eyes glimmering slightly.
"W-what do you want, Denmark?" You asked, mentally slapping yourself for stuttering even though you were trying to sound brave. The Dane just scared the wits out of you and you had no idea why!
'Maybe it's because he can get drunk so easily and is loud all of the time,' You thought to yourself as Denmark cleared his throat, growing serious.
"I have an offer for you and your brother," He said, and you looked up at him curiously. "How would you like it if you both came with me and left Sweden?" Your eyes widened in shock. How could he ask such a thing?! Yes, Sweden was a bit scary by the way he never talked or anything, but he was like family!
"Why should I?" You asked, growing slightly angry. Denmark smirked at you before leaning in way too close for comfort.
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Brother!Finland x Sister!Reader! (Comfort)
You hid behind Norway as Sweden and Denmark began arguing with each other. Your twin brother Finland watched with wide eyes and Iceland clung onto hid big brother's arm when Denmark grabbed his axe from the side of the table and swung it at Sweden, who jumped back and nearly crashed into the four of you. You whimpered and buried your face in Norway's shirt and Finland tried to calm you down.
"They'll quit, _____. Please stop crying," He begged, sounding upset. You looked up at him and he wrapped you in a hug and you clung to him, shaking as the two continued to fight.
"HEY!" Norway shouted, and all became silent in the room. "You two idiots are scaring the little ones!" You looked up from Finland and saw Sweden staring at Norway, his mouth slightly ajar, and Denmark scowling angrily at him, axe still in hand.
"S-s'rry." Sweden said, clearing his throat. Norway just glared at him. Denmark started to walk over to us, his eyes dark with fury, but Sweden gave him a look and growled, "Le've
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Sweden x Reader (M' Wife)
Sweden x Reader (M' Wife)
You walked out of the World Meeting, feeling furious at Denmark for making fun of Sweden in the middle of it.
'If only I could give him a what-for,' You thought to yourself, clenching your fists angrily. Finland raced out of the room, calling your name.
You turned and sighed, your brother was normally looking out for you, so you halfway expected him to come check on you after you'd stormed out of the room like that.
"______, what's the matter? Why'd you run out like that?" He asked, and you sighed a little and laughed softly. He could be a bit of an air head at times, but you loved him for it.
"I'm mad at Denmark for making fun of Sweden and left before I said something I'd regret." You explained, pushing some of the hair out of your face as a strong breeze blew. Finland nodded and you made an attempt to smile, but it came out as more of a grimace.
"Oh, I underst-" He started, but you shook my head, cutting him off.
"J-just not right now, Finland... I just wan
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America x Reader: Kisses and S
America x Reader: Kisses and Sunshine
I stare out over the ocean, the crystal blue waters calling out to me, begging me to join them as they toss and turn. I can hear the laughter of the children as they attempt to brave the ice-cold depths. I can’t help but smile as I watch a couple walk down the beach, and notice that the woman is expecting a new life, by the way that she places her hand over her stomach protectively, as well as a certain glow that radiates from her.
Then, a voice calls out to me; both loud and happy, and I turn to see the love of my life, a certain man by the name of Alfred Jones. He’s running towards me, his bright blue eyes shining with life and I smile and stand from where I was sitting.
“Hey, I just noticed my girl sitting here, and wanted to see if she wanted to come for a walk with me?” Alfred asked, walking up, his dirty blond hair covered with the gritty sand of the beach. I giggle at his begging face and nod, and he smiles as if I ha
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WCC2 ID Card by Bluefur101 WCC2 ID Card :iconbluefur101:Bluefur101 3 7
Only You Can Heal My Broken Heart (Chapt. 1)
Only You Can Heal My Broken Heart (Chapt. 1)
I stared out into the forest, sighing sadly. My good-for-nothing trainer had just left me to fend for myself yesterday morning, just because I'd evolved into an Espeon, when all she'd wanted was a Jolteon. I laid my ears back as the memories came rushing in.
I'd shown Katy, my trainer, that I had evolved into an Espeon and she was furious at me for doing so. "Why didn't you wait for the Thunderstone?!" She yelled at me, making me take a step back, cringing slightly.
        'I-I thought that you would be happy for me!' I shouted through telekinesis, hurt beyond any reasoning.
        "Well, I'm not! And if you think that I'm going to allow you into any contest the way you are now, you're wrong!" Katy was obviously angry at me and her words stung worse than a Beedrill's twin needle attack. I looked at her in pain and she yelled, "I don't need you!" With that, she
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Yuri On Ice by LALASOSU2 Yuri On Ice :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 791 26 Yuri Katsuki - Yuri!!! on Ice - Eros by MadeleineInk Yuri Katsuki - Yuri!!! on Ice - Eros :iconmadeleineink:MadeleineInk 1,269 61 Yuri!!! on Ice: Hi, Yuri! by Suncelia Yuri!!! on Ice: Hi, Yuri! :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 1,745 152 Yuri on Ice (Victuuri) by Mikkapi Yuri on Ice (Victuuri) :iconmikkapi:Mikkapi 2,954 176
Norway X Reader (Denmark's Twin Sister)

    "Storebror (big brother)!" You sighed as you came into your house to find your older brother, Denmark, once again passed out on the couch from a wild day out on the town.
    "Hm... oh... ________...Jeg elsker dig (I love you) ?" he said laughing awkwardly like he knew he was in trouble. 
    "Why do you always do this?" you asked shutting the door behind you and putting your bag down before walking over to check on him.
    "Because..." he said looking down and shrugging. "Don't be mad lillesøster (little sister)? Please?"
    You sighed before brushing some hair out of his face, yes, it was true that Denmark could drive you crazy sometimes. And it was also true that he would end up putting you into an early grave from worrying about him so much, but he was your whole world, so staying mad at him seemed to be impossible.
    "I'm not mad," you said pulling him
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Papa France X Baby Reader (Prussia Ending)

    "What are you on about now Prussia?" you heard your papa ask, and you immediately could feel the blood rush to your face from blushing.
    Prussia was here? You asked yourself. What could he be doing here? Growing up, your papa France had always been adamant on you calling Prussia either Uncle Prussia, or Uncle Gilbert. With Uncle Spain this had never felt like a weird request, but with Prussia it never felt right calling him uncle. Until recently it had never dawned on you why it didn't feel right, but after hearing Prussia talk about his wild night out with some woman, it all made sense. You had fallen for the loud, albino Prussian who just happened to be your papa's best friend. Shaking your head to clear it, you found yourself pressing your ear against the door to hear their conversation better.
    "I vant to ask ______________ on a date," Prussia said, making your eyes wi
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Glarizard by zilvart Glarizard :iconzilvart:zilvart 758 133 Sleep in Translation by GydroZMaa Sleep in Translation :icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 107 17 Berlin by IAmYourAnimeSenpai Berlin :iconiamyouranimesenpai:IAmYourAnimeSenpai 5 142
Canada X Reader (Prussia's Little Sister)

*Many years before*
    "_____________!" your older brother, Prussia called, making you come down the stairs to see him holding the almost lifeless body of your little brother, the Holy Roman Empire, in his hands.
    "Vhat happened to Holy Rome?!" you exclaimed rushing to his side.
    "France," Prussia said through clenched teeth. "Ve have to act fast, but I zhink ve can save him."
    You nodded, willing to do anything to save your baby brother. Prussia laid Holy Rome on the couch, his tiny body barely breathing. You wanted to cry. All he wanted was Italy to come with him, sure he had gotten a little power crazy in the past few months, but that didn't mean he deserved death! He was so bruised, so... lifeless... you had to check once more to make sure he was still breathing.
    "Ve're going to have to share our land vith him," Prussia said and you nodded; slipping your country
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Darkiplier by kefka334 Darkiplier :iconkefka334:kefka334 389 47
Tainted Dreams
[Darkiplier x Reader, with implied Markiplier x Reader. 2nd Person POV (I/You/She)]
Wow, you loved what you did.
When you told people you made YouTube videos, they accepted it easily, but as a CAREER? Hardly anyone believed it. How could you make money by playing games and goofing off?
Well, either by being hilariously bad at it, or totally fucking awesome at it. You happened to be the latter.
On top of being absolutely boss at video games, you were also extremely sarcastic, and not afraid to get a little silly from time to time. Your fans absolutely loved you. Anything from Indie Horror to Comedy to Drama, any game tossed at you was completed with ease, and you were pretty funny while doing it. But of course, there's no better video for YouTube gamers than when playing with OTHER YouTube gamers!
That, of course, is why making a huge Prop Hunt video with some other Famous YouTubers for your 1,000,000 subscriber special made the most perfect sense.
"I demand a hint!" You heard Pe
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Anime screenshot by Yoru-kage12 Anime screenshot :iconyoru-kage12:Yoru-kage12 301 23
Papa France X Baby Reader (Norway Ending)

    "_________!" your papa called making you walk down the stairs to see the Nordics were with him.
    "Oui (yes) papa?" you answered as you stopped on the middle of the stairs looking at the countries who were standing with your papa.
    "Denmark and I are going out to zalk about a deal, you're going to ztay 'ere with Iceland and Norway, okay?" France asked and you nodded a bit confused; what about Sweden and Finland? you asked yourself as you looked at the pair that you were 90% sure were dating in secret.
    "We're going out," Sweden said grabbing Finland's arm.
    "W-what?" Finland asked looking up at him before he quickly nodded. "I-I'm mean, yeah sure Sweden! That sounds great, hehe."
    You watched the two of them before they left and your papa gave them a weird look before shaking his head and   motioning for you to come down to him, which you did.
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Dean Winchester X Reader (Part 1?)

    “You know what,” you said to yourself as you stood up and walked out of the motel room you were staying at, “I’m not just going to sit around upset because of stupid Dean, I’m going to find this stupid shifter.”
    Screw him, screw his stupid car, screw the demons and everything else, and especially screw my stupid feelings for him! You thought frustrated as you brushed tears from your face. You couldn’t believe the way he had been acting after what the two of you did; it was like it didn’t matter, it was like you didn’t matter to him, you were just another girl he slept with. Which is probably why you were being so stupid. You knew shifters were no laughing matter, but at this point you didn’t care, Dean had taken everything from you, mostly because he was all you had to lose, or at least that’s the only way you could see it.
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Demigod Character Sheet
Full Name:
Current Residence:
Blood Type:
Sexual Orientation:
Birthday: [Include year.]
Chinese Zodiac:
Compatibility: [Ex. The Rat is compatible with the Monkey and the Dragon; it is not compatible with the Horse.]
Greek Zodiac:
Ruling Planet(s):
Hair Color:
Hair Type: [Here's where you put anything else about your character's hair; Has it been dyed? Is it damaged? How often does he/she dye it?]
Eye Color:
Eye Sight: [Does your character wear glasses or contacts? Does your character wear contacts for fashion purposes?]
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars: [For tattoos, we'd like to know: How old your character was when he/she got the tattoo, where he/she got the tattoo (Body wise and location wise), and parent involvement. Same goes for unusual body piercings.]
Physical Description:
Clothing Description: [People have more than one outfit, so be general if needed.]
Good Traits:
Good Ha
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Hey guys! I've been struck with sudden writing ideas, and I just wanted to say I am taking requests. 

Things I will take requests for:
Doctor Who
Yuri!!! On Ice

I hope that you all have an amazing day, and expect to see some Doctor Who stuff later!!
  • Reading: Words as they appear on my screen
Hey guys! I've been struck with sudden writing ideas, and I just wanted to say I am taking requests. 

Things I will take requests for:
Doctor Who
Yuri!!! On Ice

I hope that you all have an amazing day, and expect to see some Doctor Who stuff later!!
  • Reading: Words as they appear on my screen


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